For partners

Employees of AlsetaShips have significant seniority in marine field. High qualification, diverse training and experience with lead companies ensures maritime activities and the organization of full range of crewing service.

The company possesses extensive database of top-class specialists: regular and top officers. Relationship with the crew is based on trust and long-standing collaboration.

AlsetaShips implies its own unique complex algorithm to screen the candidates. It considers various factors apart from the common ones, such as validity of certificates for the upcoming contract, annual seaman’s plan and etc.

Our search engine takes into account preferences of both sides, that guarantees best option and high probability of obtaining qualified and disciplined specialist.

Why us?

AlsetaShips has secure relationship with shipowners, vessel managers, what lets us provide professional managerial service with an emphasis on security.

We offer high – quality services through professional knowledge, technology and close cooperation with our partners.

We meet the requirements of our clients, fully comply international standards and adhere to the national law.


AlsetaShips employee’s long- term operational experience in the leading marine companies.

Ability to carry-out complicated projects in the maritime field and crew training.

Crew planning according to all requirements, security and effective ship operation.