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Odessa, Ukraine, August 14, 2019 – Alseta Ships LLC. (the “Company” or “Alseta”), crewing agency focusing on crew recruitment and training announced its establishment in April, 2019. Today the company has full-time employees that maintain company’s operation. Alseta is qualified to perform full crew management, supported by respectful license and certificates and staff with min 10 years work experience each.

About Alseta

Alseta is a crewing agency, based in Odessa, Ukraine. The company provides full range of services and consulting assistance in all types of maritime management. The qualification covers all 3 types of management: crewing, technical and commercial. Moreover, the company performs budgeting control to optimize client’s expense, as well as increases financial effectiveness of vessels operation. Even though Alseta Ships was launched this summer, its employees have undeniably significant experience in maritime industry. Each of Alseta’s team  member has been working in marine industry 15-35 years.


Alseta Ships LLC office is located in the city center of Odessa, which can be easily reached by locals and non-residents. The surrounding cultural and historical area creates favorable environment for productive work.


The company stated that their objective is establishment of long-term contract of cooperation with ship owners/ship management, based on providing full crew management and administration, technical management / consulting.


For further information, please contact:

Smyrnyy Sergiy

Director Alseta Ships LTC

Odessa, Ukraine, str. Bunina 17

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